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July 2021

Hi folks

Hope you are well and enjoying the sun.

Just a few things to let you all know:

I am finding myself with less and less time that I can dedicate to the site due to work and family commitments and after a lot of consideration I have decided to resign from my role as Chair of the Association, effective 1 March 2022. I have been at the helm for 10 years now, overseeing the initial development all the way through to the successful site that we all enjoy today. I still firmly believe in the site and the values and ethos on which it has been built, but the time has come for someone with the energy and dedication to take the site into the next chapter.

Our Secretary, Charles Mansell, has indicated his interest in taking on the role of Chair, assuming that we can find a replacement for him as the Association Secretary. Note that we have to have three individuals acting as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary for the Association, and therefore site, to continue. All committee roles are voted in by members at the AGM (or extra-ordinary meeting) each year and there will be a vote for the committee roles at the 2022 AGM in February 2022 (all being well);

If there is anyone interested in any of the committee roles effective of 1 March 2022, then please do let us know ASAP. To that end, the current committee have prepared role descriptions for Chair, Treasurer and Secretary which I will circulate separately for your information.

We are proposing to have a site meeting on site on Sunday 1 August at 10:30AM. This will be a brief meeting to discuss the various aspects that were not covered in the ‘virtual AGM’ earlier this year. This will include:

  1. Asking all attendees (by show of hands) if they are happy for Kay, Charles and I to continue in our current roles as the committee until March 2022;
  2. Task list and work days;
  3. Social events and fundraising (ideas welcome from all); and
  4. Any other business.

All are welcome and we will be inviting our landlord (the Angell-James family and their agent, Michael Watney) to come and have a look round the site around midday. It would be appreciated if some of you could stay on after the meeting to meet and talk with them, and maybe show them your amazing plots!

Hope to see as many of you as possible on the 1st.