The Site

The site is located off Corporation Lane, Coton Hill in Shrewsbury and consists of an approximately rectangular piece of land covering an area of 0.5 hectares (1 acre). The site has a south-west facing slope and around half of the site is on flat ground. The flat part of the site that was developed as allotment plots first and subsequently the the sloping part of the site was developed for additional plots and communal areas.

The ground appears to be free-draining and does not appear to be susceptible to flooding, although the groundwater level is shallow during the winter months at least (we have found a ‘damp spot’ near the communal shed).  The soil is dark and sandy and is reasonably easy to dig over.

The site is accessed off the Corporation Lane. However, the surface of the lane is unsealed beyond the entrance to Nursery Meadows and can get quite muddy in the winter. Therefore, we ask that plotholders try and walk to the site whenever possible, especially in the winter months, to help us to minimise damage to the lane.  However, a small (~4 car capacity) car park is provided for plotholders of reduced mobility or those moving loads to/from the site.

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